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Health Center of Fenyuan Township of Changhua

Historical background

1.The health station of Fenyuan Township was established in 1940.

2.The office was established in 1954 (Construction cost was provided by United Nations Children’s Fund).

3.In 1959, because of the Eight-Seven floods the town suffered from serious disaster, our center was soaked with water up to 1 meter. The entire files were damaged.

4.In 1965, the chief of the Township, Chen Dang, provided funds to build more document warehouses for our center.

5.In 1975, the chief of the Township, Hsu ChiuChen, provided the funds to renovate the office.

6.In 1991, to cooperate with the establishment of medical center, the office of county health bureau subsidized the funds to build steel frames warehouse, offering official work space and as a storage.

7.In 2000, the fees were all supported by the Department of Health to reconstruct the new office.

8.In 2002, the new office was completed and launched in September. Face to environmental protection park, with beautiful environment and convenient parking space. It will be helpful for local people to upgrade the quality of living standard.

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